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Public Relations

The activity of the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan in public relations sphere is directed to efficient management and proper coordination of the public relations of the Fund and meeting the demands of the public in receiving the Fund-related information.

Oil Fund always takes an interest in answering questions of public. SOFAZ replies to all verbal and written Fund-related requests directed to the Fund in the frame of time envisaged by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "About Obtaining Information".
Fund's Information Policy was approved on 20 April, 2007. Information Policy of SOFAZ provides development of the image of transparent governmental organization of the Fund. The main principles of the Information Policy are the following:


Today many mass media appreciate Fund as the governmental organization replying to their requests on time and in details.
SOFAZ's web site serves up the auto-enquiry to ensure accountability between SOFAZ and society and to build closer contacts with journalists.